Breakfast or Brunch in West End

West End is one of the trendiest inner-city suburbs in Brisbane and as such is a fantastic area to do breakfast or brunch. Every free space seems to be crammed with funky cafes and it feels like there’s something new on every corner. 

It can be difficult to sort out the really stellar spots so here’s our guide to the best cafes in town.

Plenty West End
Celebrates local farmers with a bounty of fresh produce 
284 Montague Rd, West End 
Ph: 3255-3330
Breakfast & Lunch from 6:30am – 3pm Monday – Saturday 

The Morning After
Most inventive breakfast and lunch dishes
57 Vulture St, West End
Ph: 3844-0500
Breakfast & Lunch from 7am – 4pm Mon to Sun

Cafe 63 – *Chargeback
Quality cafe fare
7/220 Melbourne Street, West End
Ph: 1300-636-300
Breakfast from 5.30am,  Lunch. Dinner Weds to Sunday. 

Suburban Cafe – *Chargeback
Great breakfast menu and coffee
220 Melbourne Street, West End
Ph: 3846-4720
Breakfast from 6am, Lunch and coffee

Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen
Clean eating foodies
85 Vulture Street, West End
Ph: 3333-2960
Breakfast, lunch, and take-away dinners from 6am to 4pm Mon-Fri, 7am to 3pm Sat & Sun

Lokal & Co.
Nordic-inspired decor and menu
6 O’Connell Street, West End
Ph: 07 3844-1675
Breakfast and lunch from 6am to 5pm Mon-Fri, 7am to 5pm Sat & Sun

SOL Breads
Bakery style
27 Vulture Street, West End
Ph: 3255-1225
Breakfast & Lunch 7am to 5pm Mon-Fri, 7am to 4pm Sat, 8am to 3pm Sun

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